What's Wrong With You/Me?

Hi. Ssup guys? Miss this blog so much :) xx Just straight forward ................
It's APRIL already babeh . 2Months with him. IM Happy????? Ahaaa, i don't know !!! Should I be happy if I'm being ignored for 1week? Maybe just SEVEN DAYSSSSSS but I just feel ignore and unwanted anymore . DO YOU WANNA BREAK? Talk to me ah. As long pm/im/whtsapp/wechat ke apa . Jangan diam ja. I thought the his phone was kena rampas or what, but how come you comment the status' fb ?!!
Maybe bcs im busy. Yeah you too , BUT................ *sigh* Tak adil okay TAK REPLY WECHAT ORANG. Awak ingat awesome? I think in ths rly ive got more heartless/heartbroken than happy. But i dont think so bcs my mood is not stabil at all.
Just wanna say that I miss your text baby. Yeah just you. <\3 But maybe im just too hoping that you'll miss me too . ''
Haiya Cha , move on lah my dear. Just forget him. I dont think tht you've 'heart'  on him. He is your abang right? I think you just hope he will be caring like he was your abang. Anddd, maybe he is busy. I MEAN REALLYYYYY REALLLY BUSY. Try to understand him. So, make a choice , wanna lose the game or you will 'tarik diri' before benda lain jadi. Take Care sayang. You just 14. No need to couple or what so ever. Just be cool . Save your heart for your future husband dik :))"
Thanks for someone who always nasihat me. I will kak :') Im trying to be okay and act like nothing happen with our rly . Aha, should sleep now . Hm. Goodnight!! Sleep tight. Muwahhh :*

Maybe me? Uhm. Bye!! :')

Thanks kerana sudi membaca . !

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